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Superior Lintellect

I would’ve never known about this video, unless Marvin showed it to me. So thanks Marvin! He’s also the person who put me onto this video.

Super Asian Basketball Dunk!!

2012/06/11 by CLO
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Currently: Rising Stars

Just finished the Celebrity Game which was pretty garbage, but Kevin Hart is hilarious! East beat out West (did you expect any different?)… sorry Common, I love you and everything but I’m all about the East Coast!

Currently watching the Rising Stars Game. Oh that Jeremy Lin! He’s so humble, really has a good head on his shoulders. Okay, I’ll admit.. I’m Linsane.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Slam Dunk Contest and the All Star Game on Sunday.. woo!

2012/02/24 by CLO
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Jeremy Lin = Funny

After last night’s game between the Knicks and Nets, I bet everyone is all over Jeremy Lin’s Asian balls. Even Grace and I found him attractive after the game (lol, that’s shallow). But WHO KNEW he had a YouTube Channel.

Kudos for joining up with my favorite, KevJumba!

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2012/02/05 by CLO
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