JB + JF = Extreme

Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon did a shot-by-shot remake of Extreme’s More Than Words. I think it’s amazing.

Here’s the original. P.S. I had a huge crush on Nuno (guitarist).

2015/05/05 by CLO
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I’m Trying

I recently went to see my [new] doctor and she told me that 1.) I do not have diabetes, but 2.) I have high cholesterol, 3.) Vitamin D deficiency, and 4.) that she would like me to see a cardiologist before my next appointment.

From those things, I have yet to get my Vitamin D prescription (apparently it’s so low that over the counter drugs cannot help it elevate), as well as make a cardiologist appointment, and I have been trying to improve my diet. I’m always trying to improve my diet — but I hope that it’ll become a routine again in terms of cooking my own [healthy] lunches.

This morning I woke up really early and did some yoga. It inspired me to Google some beginner yoga poses and such. Here’s some stuff I found:

Yoga Journal seems to be a really great resource!
– 5-minutes Morning Gratitude Practice
3 Ways to Make Downward-Facing Dog Feel Better
15 Poses to Help You Sleep Better

Yoga for Beginners by Yoga Basics

12 Yoga Poses for People Who Aren’t Flexible via Health.com

Beat Your Insomnia with Yoga via Prevention

2015/05/04 by CLO
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FNO | Productive?

Today I had all these big plans, but I woke up at almost 1AM hungover. Grateful for over 11 hours of sleep, I began my day.

I always try to multitask so I can get more done, so while my “morning” coffee was taking affect — I wrote down all the things I needed to do:

1. Laundry
2. Sweep kitchen
3. Sweep bedroom
4. Schedule out meals
5. Write grocery list
6. Fold laundry
7. Go grocery shopping
8. Meal prep

It’s now 1AM and I’ve successfully achieved 7.5/8. Weekends off are really something to savor.

2015/04/27 by CLO
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Deconstructed Something Bowl

I don’t know how I made this but it’s good. I think I wanted a cross between a burrito bowl, something with avocado, and then saw this leftover lemon herb chicken I made last week — and ended up with this.

FNO | Deconstructed Something Bowl

I also had some left over “Mexican” ground beef , red radishes and tomatoes that I used for taco salads last week and threw them into the mix. Along with parsley, and sprinkles of more paprika, chili powder, and cumin seeds.

Protein packed foreal.

2015/04/26 by CLO
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Peanut’s Before and After

Mr. Peanut is 11 years old. He’s been getting seasonal groomings at Petco, which I’ve always hated because I believe he is kept in a kennel for 3 hours out of the 4 hours he’s there.

Eileen and Chip take Bentley to Downtown Woody’s Grooming Salon in Jersey City and after hearing that he was treated to a massage, I just had to take Peanut there because he definitely deserves to be pampered!

Peanut’s Before:

FNO | Peanut's Before and After

FNO | Peanut's Before and After

FNO | Peanut's Before and After

Peanut’s After:

FNO | Peanut's Before and After

FNO | Peanut's Before and After

FNO | Peanut's Before and After

I honestly couldn’t be any happier — I was nervous for him because it was a new setting, but they were welcoming and warm to Peanut — even let him sniff the place out before they got started!

Highly recommend Larissa and company! Peanut will definitely be back!

Downtown Woody’s Grooming Salon (Facebook)
115 Brunswick Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

2015/04/25 by CLO
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Too bad this day had to be planned a whole month and a half in advance!

Probably one of the best Saturday nights I’ve had in a while (and literally just got home)… spending time with some of my closest friends, Godsons, and my ‘Goddaughter’ who just agreed to go on a date with me on May 16th.

FNO | Godkids!

It weirdly was like The Nativity minus the shepherds and angels and all.

FNO | Godkids!

Oh. And earlier in the day, Grace left me alone with Max for a total of 20 minutes. All I kept doing was praying he wouldn’t poop on my watch.

FNO | Godkids!

FNO | Godkids!

Happy 11 months Liam!

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2015/04/19 by CLO
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