Birds and Bubbles

I want a companion who would be down to try a ridiculous restaurant that serves champagne and fried chicken. Companion must A) like fried chicken, B) like champagne, C) enjoy talking to me, and D) be a single straight man.

Img Credit: Gothamist

Is that asking too much? Or whatever, I’m not thirsty. I’ll go with a woman who enjoys my company.

Birds & Bubbles

2014/09/25 by CLO
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My Heart’s on Fire

Something in my heart says this isn’t right
Causing me to worry day and night
You say that you love me
This I have heard
Don’t you know that actions speak louder than words
Second class, don’t give me no second class love

No Second Class by Buju Banton featuring Carol Gonzales, 1992

FNO | What Else I'm Listening To

2014/08/12 by CLO
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Meal Plan for Whatever

Trying to reintroduce meal planning to my life since I’ve fallen into the black hole of gluten and no sleep. Hopefully this will also help me save money because I cannot keep eating $9 sushi from Dean & Deluca.

Friday, Aug 08
B/ Kale and eggs
L/ Grilled chicken and parsnips

Saturday, Aug 09
N/A in Philly

Sunday / Aug 10
N/A in Jackson

Monday, Aug 11
B/ Avocado and eggs
L/ Tuna patty and roasted artichoke
D/ —

Tuesday, Aug 12
B/ Baked Banana
L / Pork chop and broccoli
D/ —

Wednesday, Aug 13
B/ Avocado and eggs
L/ Chicken stir fry
D/ —

Thursday, Aug 14
B/ Kale and something
L/ Tuna patty and asparagus
D/ —

Friday, Aug 15

Saturday, Aug 16

No dinners since I’ll be working most nights, so I guess my lunches will be dinners. Zzz.

2014/08/07 by CLO
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Cookie Monster

FNO | Cookie Monster

This killed me.

Vanilla ice cream dyed blue (duhhh… like Cookie Monster) with smashed oreos and soft baked chocolate chip cookies. I mean, can we give props to Gelotti’s for making this happen?

Gelotti (
194 Bloomfield Ave.
Caldwell, NJ 07006

2014/08/06 by CLO
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Dinner with Lobstas

FNO | Dinner with Lobstas

FNO | Dinner with Lobstas

FNO | Dinner with Lobstas

FNO | Dinner with Lobstas

2014/07/23 by CLO
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FNO | Impromptu

Photo by Jay Jung!

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2014/07/17 by CLO
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