Reminder To Self

Must continue the ‘Concerts I’ve Attended’ [see:] post with the concerts I’ve seen since 2010.

  1. Suit and Tie  – Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake at Yankees Stadium (year?)
  2. Bruno Mars – Gorilla Tour (year?)
  3. Justin Timberlake again (2013?)
  4. Jesse McCartney
  5. Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCartney
  6. Lionel Richie
  7. James Taylor
  8. J. Boog – The Knitting Factory
  9. Billy Joel – At The Garden, 2014 Madison Square Garden
  10. SOJA and J. Boog – PlayStation Theater 2014
  11. Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key of Life Tour, 2014 Prudential Center

2015/10/15 by CLO
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This morning I tried to wake up with a brighter outlook. I mean, the sky is blue, I’m alive, my cold seems to be subsiding. Why would I have to be down?

I still have this unquenchable thirst (literally) that I can’t seem to get under control. It’s on and off like my purple fingers. Yet all the doctors I’ve visited in the past year say I do not have diabetes and that they do not know what’s wrong with my fingers.

I guess maybe the ‘unknown’ is what gets me down because personally, I just NEED to know what the plan is and what’s going to happen.

2015/10/13 by CLO
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Oh. Hi.

Hello. Is anyone there?

I thought of how this blog used to be this safe place where I documented things I wanted to do and all the crazy shit I thought… but I feel like the internet is no longer safe. It hasn’t been for a long time, right?

Anyway there’s no better time than free time I guess, and I seem to have collected a lot of it lately.

So my mom told me that she wants to put Peanut to sleep. I was washing these bedsheets I really should’ve been washing last week but whatever, when you get to it… you get to it. And I’m sitting there reading her text, at the same time stressing out over how I have to wash the dishes, sweep my room, fold all these fucking clothes, and now I’m bombarded with sad thoughts about this poor, innocent dog that’s been a part of our family for the past 12 or so years… and how she’s made the conscious decision to end his life.

FNO | Oh. Hi.

I get it. My elderly parents can hardly take care of each other, let alone a dog who can’t even take care of himself. He’s lost so much weight, he bumps into walls because his vision is cloudy. He can’t hear anymore and when he goes up and down the stairs, he has a hard time and sometimes falls.

FNO | Oh. Hi.

Ugh, my heart hurts.

2015/09/19 by CLO
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Just Let These Words Flow

I need to call on my slick partna
I need your lovin
I aint tryin to be your girl slick partna
Just want your lovin now

Slick Partna by Virgo, 1996

FNO | What Else I'm Listening To

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FNO | Pizzachloe

Dedicated to Pizzajosh

2015/06/27 by CLO
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Karina’s Birthday

FNO | Karina's Birthday

Happy birthday to one of my Madewellah girls, at some random ass fucking place off the West Side Highway. Clearly there were many of the same picture.

FNO | Karina's Birthday

FNO | Karina's Birthday

FNO | Karina's Birthday

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2015/06/26 by CLO
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