Just Let These Words Flow

I need to call on my slick partna
I need your lovin
I aint tryin to be your girl slick partna
Just want your lovin now

Slick Partna by Virgo, 1996

FNO | What Else I'm Listening To

2015/07/05 by CLO
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FNO | Pizzachloe

Dedicated to Pizzajosh

2015/06/27 by CLO
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Karina’s Birthday

FNO | Karina's Birthday

Happy birthday to one of my Madewellah girls, at some random ass fucking place off the West Side Highway. Clearly there were many of the same picture.

FNO | Karina's Birthday

FNO | Karina's Birthday

FNO | Karina's Birthday

2015/06/26 by CLO
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Three Things

Thursday’s Agenda:

FNO | Three Things

6:00PM Happy Hour at Sky Room which has a shitty view and is gross.

FNO | Three Things

8:00PM Dinner with Kuya Mervyn and Brian at Laut

FNO | Three Things

11:00PM Miss Wong’s for Kevlove and Stadiumstatus

2015/06/25 by CLO
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Rooftop Film Club

FNO | Rooftop Film Club

Experienced my first rooftop film with Jen and Eileen at Yotel. The deal was for $25 you get a seat, a taco, and a sangria. Food and sangria were meh. Venue was beautiful. Weather was perfect. Headphones were a nice touch (the same headphones used for Quiet Disco).

FNO | Rooftop Film Club

We watched The Breakfast Club, one of the most iconic 80’s movies ever. I haven’t watched it in years and man, it was way deeper than I remember as a kid. I love me some Judd Nelson.

Rooftop Film Club’s NYC Screenings

2015/06/23 by CLO
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Happy Father’s Day

FNO | Happy Father's Day

FNO | Happy Father's Day

When I was little, my dad would take naps on our couch in Queens. I’d climb up and sit on his belly… always.

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2015/06/21 by CLO
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