New and Improved


Guess what came in the mail today? Definitely new, not sure about improved just yet… But we will see!

2014/04/22 by CLO
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Te Busqué

My second favorite Nelly Furtado song ever (first one is this). I wonder where she’s at and what she’s up to now?

The hook translates to:

I searched you
On the bottom of the rocks and I didn’t find you
in the cold morning and in the night
I searched you until I went mad

Te Busqué by Nelly Furtado featuring Juanes, 2006

FNO | What Else I'm Listening To

2014/04/22 by CLO
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For No One’s been down for about a month now. Ask me why and I couldn’t tell you anything other than I am and was beyond pissed. After weeks of back and forth with my host’s help desk and fucking around with files that are written in some alien code, I’m back!

Who knows for how long but I mean… whatever.

Since March, I’ve been messing around with Squarespace… trying to see if it’s for me. I’ve even considered not paying for a self-hosted blog and going back to Blogspot or… but I’m stuck here for another 23 months.

Anyway, look forward to boring updates in my life.

2014/04/21 by CLO
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Medieval Times… Again?

FNO | Medieval Times... Again?

Gloria randomly asked me to go to Medieval Times and with the possibility of seeing the Green Knight again (and of course, hanging out with Ms. Chen), I couldn’t say no despite how bad my allergies were the last time I was there.

FNO | Medieval Times... Again?

FNO | Medieval Times... Again?

Thanks Gloria for thinking of taking me… she got the Royalty Package with scared me at first (because we’d be even closer to the horses) but Claritin did it’s job and it was surprisingly fun being able to not squint and discover that my Green Knight was the Red Knight on this particular evening.

Man, he’s hot.

2014/04/19 by CLO
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Happy Macaron Day!

Img Credit | Pinterest

Img Source: Pinterest

Guess what today is? It’s Macaron Day in New York City!

This not a joke and has been an annual thing since 2010 thanks to Francois Payard. What exactly happens today? Well, just by mentioning that you are celebrating Macaron Day at participating locations all around Manhattan, you can receive a free macaron!

More Info: Racked & Gothamist
NYC Macaron Day Map of Participants
Macaron Day NYC 2014

2014/03/20 by CLO
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True Detective

Img Credit: The Atlantic

Img Source: The Atlantic

Currently binge watching the shit out of True Detective. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey together is surprisingly enjoyable.

Oddly enough, I’ve discovered that I seem to be more productive with hands on work while streaming episode after episode of any given show.

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2014/03/19 by CLO
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