Won’t Know Unless You Try

I’m going to try to stay in tune with my non-blogging. I’ve become so unbelievably busy and lazy that I don’t even have the time to talk about things I want to talk about, which was exactly WHY I began this blog. I think.

Let’s make a promise FNO. I’ll try to blog on you and you just be good to me. Maybe I’ll even blog off my phone. Oh snap!

In the meantime, forgive me as I back-blog.

2014/10/21 by CLO
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Tous les garçons

FNO | Tous les Garcons
Tous les garçons et les filles. I had been eyeing these bracelets at Madewell for the longest. Finally got them!

FNO | Tous les Garcons
These leather bracelets were on sale at Madewell, and my friend did me a favor and monogrammed them for me. I think these will be my statement arm candy pieces for life.

2014/10/19 by CLO
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Hello Bentley

Eileen and Chip had [adopted] a baby and it’s a boy [boy dog]. Everyone meet Bentley Fernandez. He’s the cutest and spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa.

FNO | Hello Bentley

FNO | Hello Bentley
He has shoes. I can’t. He can’t. Literally. He shakes them off.

FNO | Hello Bentley
What a cutie pie!

2014/10/18 by CLO
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Really though, this place was called Norwood and it blew me away. Thanks Marc for the invite and for playing Homeless by Crystal Waters. Thanks new work colleagues for joining me.

FNO |Norwood

FNO |Norwood

FNO |Norwood

2014/10/17 by CLO
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Birds and Bubbles

I want a companion who would be down to try a ridiculous restaurant that serves champagne and fried chicken. Companion must A) like fried chicken, B) like champagne, C) enjoy talking to me, and D) be a single straight man.

Img Credit: Gothamist

Is that asking too much? Or whatever, I’m not thirsty. I’ll go with a woman who enjoys my company.

Birds & Bubbles

2014/09/25 by CLO
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My Heart’s on Fire

Something in my heart says this isn’t right
Causing me to worry day and night
You say that you love me
This I have heard
Don’t you know that actions speak louder than words
Second class, don’t give me no second class love

No Second Class by Buju Banton featuring Carol Gonzales, 1992

FNO | What Else I'm Listening To

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2014/08/12 by CLO
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