Too bad this day had to be planned a whole month and a half in advance!

Probably one of the best Saturday nights I’ve had in a while (and literally just got home)… spending time with some of my closest friends, Godsons, and my ‘Goddaughter’ who just agreed to go on a date with me on May 16th.

FNO | Godkids!

It weirdly was like The Nativity minus the shepherds and angels and all.

FNO | Godkids!

Oh. And earlier in the day, Grace left me alone with Max for a total of 20 minutes. All I kept doing was praying he wouldn’t poop on my watch.

FNO | Godkids!

FNO | Godkids!

Happy 11 months Liam!

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Hungrybowl’s Kitchen

Thanks Teejay for always feeding me so well whenever I make the trek down south! Honey dijon ribs and his version of ‘Perfect Instant Ramen‘.

FNO | Hungrybowl's Kitchen
The ribs were fall off the bone tender, with just the right amount of char and sauce!

FNO | Hungrybowl's Kitchen
The ramen was AMAZING. He used a Korean ramen and some other kind from some other part of Asia. It was spicy but with the added cheese and egg, the broth became almost creamy. It was the best instant ramen I’ve ever had!

2015/04/18 by CLO
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All Hail Tastee Sub

Thanks for Lunch Grace. Tastee Sub is the absolute shit. I think submarine sandwiches are my #1.

FNO | All Hail Tastee Sub

2015/04/18 by CLO
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Weekly Links Roundup

Credit | Unknown/Pinterest

1. [Above] “A person who feels appreciate will always do more than what is expected.” I’ve never seen a truer statement than this.

2. I stumbled upon Creative Market somehow and I can’t believe I never came across it before. A good resource to have if you are a designer. They offer fonts, design elements, graphics, themes, etc. to help take your projects to the next level.

3. Ten things you didn’t know about SPAM. I friggin love Spam.

4. I ate a random Columbian candy today after we had lunch at this local spot in Long Island City and I’ve been obsessing and googling it ever since. You must try El Turron Supercoco candies!

5. I have a weird lesbian crush on Amber of the K-Pop girl group, f(x). Here she is speaking perfectly fine English (she was born and raise here btw) and eating those Harry Potter jelly beans. She’s hot.

6. Ladies, if you ever come to this point… you are an imbecile.

7. Kelly Clarkson’s cover of Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason. She fucking killed it.

8. Five signs your body is starving for vitamins

9. I literally just bought a new mascara because I read this article.

10. Eileen sent me this article the other day because she’s doing a 30-day Yoga Challenge. Knowing the benefits of certain poses puts yoga in a new light for me. I’ll try to sarvangasana my way to a better night sleep.

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Updating in Vain

Life’s been quite busy lately. Not with anything in particular but whatever. A few updates for no one:

Major shit is going down at work and my gut is telling me to abandon ship. All the shit happening is dampening the plans I wanted to begin in June.

I made my first doctor’s appointment in 8 years. When asked how long I have been smoking, I said “20 Years” and could hardly believe it was true.

I’m drinking so much water to quench my unquenchable thirst.

I am getting a .10 cent raise at my second job. Well fuck you, I’ll be quitting you in by the end of the month (pending not being fired from my FT job/receiving compensation).

I’ve super duper tired of all these girls telling me I’m “such a catch” — like I didn’t even ask you.

I say “like” entirely like too much.

It’s 10pm and now I begin fasting for a blood test in the morning.

I dislike most of the men at my FT job… either they are super rude or super creepy and I just can’t deal with either.

I’ve been eating blueberries as of late.

And not much else. Ok bye.

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TED: Gazing Globes

I wasn’t able to see this at all since February, but now that it’s crunch time (up until April 19th)… I just gotta see it! Paula Hayes’s Gazing Globes on display at Madison Square Park.

Credit | T Magazine
Photo Credit: T Magazine

Gazing Globes, Paula Hayes’s first outdoor sculpture exhibition in New York City, is currently on view at the West Gravel area of the park until April 19, 2015. The work features eighteen transparent polycarbonate spheres that hold the remnants of contemporary culture, including up-cycled radio parts, industrial materials, acrylic wands, and other pieces of vintage technology sprinkled with fairy dust made of pulverized CDs.

Credit | Madison Square Park

Credit | Wall Street Journal

Photo Credits: Madison Square Park and Wall Street Journal

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