What They Said When I Was Sober

I decided not to drink for the month of February and while I was hoping that maybe new things would happen or improve, nothing really has changed (health-wise). In fact, my insomnia seems to be worse and my level of thirstiness is elevated (diabetes?).

In addition to the no change in health, people would make comments about how I looked bored or annoyed when out… (wait, people say that to me all the time) be it during a lunch, a restaurant, or at a bar/club.

A collection of things people have said to me when I said I wasn’t drinking:

“Make her drink, she’s looks bored.”

“Are you okay? What’s the matter?”

“You’re not drinking? Boring.”

“I’m leaving you’re not drinking.”

“You look like you’re not having a good time.”

“Did you fail yet?”

“You’re what? How are you NOT drinking?”

“Are you pregnant. Oh my gawd, you’re pregnant!”

2015/03/01 by CLO
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TED: Slide The City

A giant slip and slide is coming to NYC in August. I want to go!

FNO | Slide The City

2015/02/27 by CLO
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Weekly Links Roundup

It’s been seven whole months since my last round up! I promise I’ll share more crap I find on the internet next time, but for now — deal with these:

  1. [Above] In case you missed it (doubtful), Warren G. and Kenny G. were regulating on Jimmy Kimmel. I love them both — Kenny G. provided me a soundtrack for many times that I’ve broke night to study, while Warren G. made me want to be a gangsta
  2. Talde has arrived in Jersey City and I am SO excited to try it out. I love all the design elements they use on their website and in their menu. However, I hate the use of that asian font. As for the food, I’ve heard great things about the Kung Pao Chicken Wings and the Short Rib Kare Kare Noodles
  3. Btw, Carrino Provisions is next door to Talde and I suggest you have all the meats and cheeses your tummy desires at Osteria
  4. Here is an acne face map — according to this I eat a lot of unhealthy fats, junk food, have a weak liver between the hours of 1-5pm, my lungs are at their strongest between 7-9am, and I need to eat less spicy food
  5. Five Moves for Getting ‘DAT BUBBLE BUTT’ as shown by Jen Selter
  6. This about sums up my every day struggle
  7. Some Harry Potter shit happened on the G train on Thursday — read about it here and then here cause it’s pretty interesting (not really, sorta)

2015/02/27 by CLO
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Major Itis

Me at 10AM: “I want BBQ.”
Me at 2PM: “I want BBQ.”
Me at 4PM: “I don’t want to go to yoga, I want BBQ.”
Me at 7PM: “I’m going to make arrozcaldo and mac & cheese.”

8PM – Go grocery shopping, put groceries away.

Brian at 8:30PM: “Want to go get ramen? My treat.”
Me at 8:30PM: “UHHHH OKAY.”

FNO | Major Itis

Went to Totto Ramen East with Brian (Labs) and Brian (Park). Two Brians!

All three of us got the Spicy Ramen with roast pork and boiled egg. Park said to get the rayu (spicy sesame oil) on the side… that way you can adjust the heat. So smart!

Btw, Totto Ramen Midtown East > Midtown West location. Broth is better, portion is bigger, but space is limited!

FNO | Major Itis

Park never went to Momofuku before, so Brian insisted we go and get crack pie slices, Cereal Milk shakes (not me!), and some cookies. Ended up buying 20 cookies. Like, WTF.

Literally went HAM tonight. And I’ve been to Momofuku two days in a row. Horrible.

2015/02/26 by CLO
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HBD George

Credit | PixGood.com
Today is George Harrison’s Birthday. If you didn’t know… he’s my favorite Beatle!

And P.S. One of my very favorite movies is A Hard Day’s Night.

2015/02/25 by CLO
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Soulection #205


Soulection Radio Show #205 from South Africa.

FNO | What Else I'm Listening To

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2015/02/25 by CLO
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